Project Logistics


Logistics run on relationships, and at Norton Lilly Logistics, we have developed an extensive global network of reliable partnerships with the finest freight carriers in the industry. This ensures our customers they will receive the highest quality service available. With these relationships and our position as a subsidiary of Norton Lilly International, our customers and partners in the industry are confident we have the expertise and experience to get their freight to the customer’s door quickly and effectively.

Tanker Services


The oil and natural gas industry leads the way when it comes to determining the direction the U.S. and global economies are headed. This makes the efficient extraction, refinement, offshore construction services, and transportation of these vital commodities critical. As the industry expands and new technology emerges, Norton Lilly International recognized a need for specialized service within the oil and gas sector. Putting over 200 years of maritime experience to use, Norton Lilly created specialized groups consisting of the top professionals in the industry to ensure their clients would stay ahead of the ever-changing oil and natural gas industry.

Container Planning


CPC specializes in vessel operation services providing an avenue for ocean shipping companies to outsource various functions of their Marine operations department. Our staff consists of highly experienced professionals with a variety of skill sets and backgrounds in the transportation industry. We are available via cell phone 24 hours a day to handle any issues that may arise, affording our customers with real time operations supervision. CPC’s accurate vessel planning is accomplished as soon as the vessel closes receiving, reducing multiple amendments to the various plans. We have long established relationships with many terminals on the east and west coast and have a very thorough working knowledge of these terminals, with a complete understanding of local rules and limitations. Let CPC plan your vessels and experience the cost savings and peace of mind that comes with it!