Port Agency


In the shipping industry, reputation is everything. From customs and inspection agents to ship’s crew and dockworkers, Norton Lilly is known to provide an exceptional service with a high level of representation and support. Along with being the largest provider of port agency services in North America, Norton Lilly Port Agency has been a reliable partner in the shipping industry for over 150 years. With our robust infrastructure, dependable partnerships and well-trained staff, our customers are assured the highest quality and most efficient service in the industry.



Norton Lilly Logistcs LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Norton Lilly International with a focus on the 3PL business in North America. Given Norton Lilly's long and extensive history in the maritime industry, expanding into the 3PL sector was a logical evolution. Our approach focuses on solving your transportation needs, door to door. Whether you are looking for a containerized port to port move, or a more complex project shipment, Norton Lilly Logistics (NLL), together with our group of companies, will find the solution that is right for you!