180 years of preeminence in shipping

Learn about our history

John Norton established Norton & Co. in 1841, and we have since sprouted into the most reliable and longest-running ship agency in America. For over 180 years, our clients have depended on us to come through for them time and time again.

Now Norton Lilly International, we have grown our modest roots into a dense, embedded network crisscrossing the Western Hemisphere, from Canada to Panama and Guam to the Caribbean. There is simply no replacement for our veteran perspective when it comes to success in professional maritime industries.


Providing Excellent Maritime and Industrial Logistic Services.

We strive to act as local guides through the unique and varied terrain of shipping and port logistics, always mapping out the best avenues for our clients and walking them through the tricky areas. Showcasing our expertise inspires the trust that remains the primary ingredient in our relationships and the key to our success.

Let’s Gain CLARITY

Our Values

Our values give clarity about who we are, both to our clients and ourselves. Each value highlights a different facet of how we build mastery, trust, and positive relationships.

Require us to stay curious with our people, customers, to learn & share.

Holds us accountable to doing the right thing in the right way.

Positively connect with others, optimize our energy, engage and enjoy the present

Drives us to uncover needs and exceed expectations of ourselves and others

Requires each of us to be alert and aware at all times